Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When I was in high school...

School is on the verge of starting up again. I work as a high school counselor and was remanicing on old memories of my high school days. How much different are things now??? My students look at me like I am 86 years old when I tell them we didn't have cellphones in high school and what?....what was a beeper??

The following is a walk down memory lane for the folks who went to high school in my time...the late 90's. These are some of the coolest fads we had in our teens. Hope you enjoy these flashback as much as I do!

#1 Mix Tape
You all know that you either made or received one of these bad boys in high school. For those of you young souls who can't even comprehend what this meant love back in the day. If your boyfriend or your girlfriend made you one of these it meant they were really into you!

#2 AOL

Our kids will never understand the frustration of getting kicked offline by your little brother or sister picking up the phone! Remember the annoying dial up and having to wait 10 minutes for everything to go through just so you could check your mail?  Or how about chatrooms where it wasn't quite as creepy for you to talk to strangers?

#3 Surge

Did you forget about Surge? I think this was before all the energy drinks came into existence. In other words this was the energy drink! I don't remember this tasting fabulous but I do remember drinking this regardless wanting to get some energy!

#4 Backstreet Boys
Don't act like you didn't love them...I may have even been to a concert in high school and my sister may have hung a poster in her room. lol This was the beginning of the Boy Band era. N'Sync and 98 Degrees can be included in this.

#5 School Reports
I know this is extremely random, but due to my comparison of schools now and then I came across this and had to include it. Can you even think back to when we had to stack up books to research and then xerox the pictures to paste on a poster board for a presentation? Most of them came out like this and everyone in the class would squint to see your pictures. We didn't even fathom how much of a pain it was to not have internet!

#6 Beepers
Lovely little things, aren't they? I'm not sure teens these days even know what these are? The worst thing was when you actually got a page and couldn't find a phone or a quarter to call someone back. How about messages like 143 or flipping your beeper upside down to relay a hidden message. Oh those were the days...

Ladies, don't lie and act like you have never done this before. This was some of the best doodling options when you were bored in class. It not only passed the time but told your future too! Much better than a Magic 8 Ball!

"I don't want to wait..." I remember getting excited to sit down to watch this show every week. I guess it was full of the drama but not as raunchy as 90210 so my parents allowed me to watch it. 

#9 Video Tapes
These clunky things were the highlight of date nights if you didn't physically go to the movies. I still have some of these puppies from back in the day. Not really sure why considering I don't have a VHS Player...

#10 One Strapped Overalls
Overalls...not so cool....but one strapped overalls...look at them! I have pictures of my friends and I wearing these and all I can think is "what were we thinking??" Good thing it was cool at the time!

These are just a few things that popped into my head as I was thinking about times in high school. I can promise you that kids these days may think we were dumb with our overalls on watching our VHS tapes, but I can promise them this....We had a heck of a time :)

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