Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Remember This??

I couldn't resist researching on where and how to get this outfit! 

The bad news is that I found the shorts...the exact shorts...but they were $255!!!! Then I decided to find this outfit on an "everyday kind of budget".

Good news is that I found this entire outfit for $50.97! I even included some cute shoes that would accessorize well at the end of the post. That would make the total $70.96 if you added shoes :) I have included pictures, the website to purchase these items, and the specific price for each. This does not include tax ladies. 

Here we go! Let's start from top to bottom:

Flower Necklace

Seriously, y'all this looks like the exact necklace that is one of J Crew's top selling necklace (about $99)....except it won't cost you near the money! This comes from Very Jane website and is on sale for $11.99!! You can't beat this price and it comes in lots of different colors!

Pocket Blouse

I found this shirt online at Target. It is extremely similar with the double pockets in front ant the ability to either roll up the sleeves or tack them to the side. It is also long enough to tuck in. This shirt was reasonably priced at $22.99! I found almost the exact shirt online at Antropologie for $88 if that gives you a price comparison. This shirt seems extremely lightweight allowing you to be comfortable in warmer weather!

Polka Dot Denim

I was so excited about this find! Not only was I searching for anything better than $255 polka dot shorts but I really like the style of these. I found them online at Zara for a whopping $15.99!!!! You can't beat that!!!!  This short is not as high wasted but can still have that appearance with your tucked in shirt.

Total for this outfit: $50.97 !!!
Very Jane Necklace: $11.99
Target Blouse: $22.99
Polka Dot Shorts: $15.99

This original outfit would have been a Total of $442.00
J Crew Necklace: $99
Antropologie Blouse: $88
Paul Smith Shorts: $255

As a bonus I decided to throw in a pair of cute sandals that I thought would complete the outfit. These are from Target and are $19.99. 

I love a good bargain, don't you? 

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