Monday, July 8, 2013

Very Jane...If you don't know her you need to!

Who is this cutie pie you ask? Well she's just a model for this adorable dress but more importantly this came from a website that introduces sale items from boutiques around the United States. The website name is VERY JANE and it might very well be the best thing (and worst addiction) since Candy Crush lol. This website covers all realms of people by offering all sorts of goodies at an extremely reasonable price. NOTHING is over $35 (that I have seen).

Here's how it works:
1. Go to
2. Sign up to receive emails featuring their daily deals.
3. Browse and Buy!

IT IS THAT EASY! This site includes the specific boutique's website where the item will come from, the date of expected shipping, the percent the item is discounted, the shipping price, and how many items are left to buy (if there is a limit).

Here are some examples of some fabulous steals from the website:

CHEVRON CIRCLE TOTE from So Lola Boutique:

This tote was originally $42 but on Very Jane for $18.99!! It was available in 4 colors.


This is actually an item that I purchased. It was originally $24.99 on sale for $10.99. This price comes with  five hand painted wooden banners and is an instant chalkboard.  Color coordinated yarn is also included. I plan to hang it above my child's crib with his or her name. It comes in 3 colors: black, gray, and mint. Since we don't know the sex we got the neutral gray :).


This adorable headband is perfect for newborn pictures or a cute accessory for any girlie outfit! It was originally $9.50 on sale for $5.95. Lots of color combos too!

As a mom with a budget I know how frustrating it can be loving all boutique items that quickly need to be put down because of the price! I thought this was the perfect post for my new blog b/c I know how much I appreciated a friend introducing this to me! 

Items on VERY JANE change daily (even on the weekends) and it is so exciting for me to check out their daily deals! Even better, this site always gives you sneak peaks of tomorrow's items on their Facebook Page: . 

I hope this site is as helpful to ya'll as it has to me! 

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