Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girl or Boy??

15 Old Wives' real are they?

I couldn't resist doing this post before we find out the gender of Baby Trammell #3 this upcoming Monday. Sorry guys...this post may be more interesting to the ladies out there but I think it is fun and interesting for everyone! If you are pregnant, take these tests and see what your percentage is! 

#1 Heartbeat
Legend has it that if the baby's heartbeat is above 140 bpm it is a girl. Anything lower, a boy

My baby's heartbeat is consistently in the 150s, which means GIRL

#2 Shape of Mom's Face
When your face gets rounder and fuller when you are pregnant, this means girl, if it seems narrower you will have a boy.

My face has always been round lol. Guess this means GIRL

#3 Mayan Tale

For this test you add the age of the mother and the year of conception. If it is odd than you will have a boy, if it is even than you will have a girl!

I was 30 years old in 2013 when this baby was conceived. I added 30 + 2013 = 2043 which is odd. Means BOY for me!

#4 Acne
If a pregnant lady has a significant amount of increased breakouts during pregnancy this means girl. If your skin is free of this nasty pimples it means boy!

I have definitely had more breakouts than clear skin. This means GIRL for me!

#5 Cravings
Salty or sweet? Woman who are having girls are said to have more sweet cravings and woman having boys tend to crave meat and salty items!

I am a sweets fanatic this pregnancy. GIRL for me!

#6 Eyelid Skin
This is a weird one! If you are pregnant take down your lower left eyelid. If there is a veins that are shaped like a "V" or branches you are having a girl. If not, you are having a boy!

Yep, I actually did this...I am crazy lol. I have a distinct "V" on the inside of my lower eyelid. GIRL!

#7 Baking Soda
Take a solo cup and put 1 tbsp of baking soda in the bottom. Urinate into another cup. Pour your urine over the baking soda. Does it Fizz? This means boy, if not you will have a girl!

LOTS of fizz. BOY all the way!

#8 Legs
Are your legs getting bigger? This means boy! If you legs are lean and lovely, this means girl!

My legs haven't changed much. GIRL!

#9 Mood Swings
Are you more moody than normal? If so you will have a girl. If you are pleasant as ever, it is a boy for you!

My mood swings are off the charts. (I feel sorry for my husband! haha) GIRL!

#10 Bread Crust
Do you like to eat the crust or end of the bread? Boy for you! Those who peel the crust off or want a middle piece of bread, you will have a girl!

I have never liked crust, yuck. GIRL for me!

#11 Chinese Gender Calendar

Go to this website and choose your age and month of conception. It will tell you girl or boy in 20 seconds!

This was a BOY for me!

#12 Red Cabbage Test
Buy a red cabbage from the store and chop it in pieces. Bring a pot of water to a boil in your kitchen. Add Cabbage. Let it boil for 30 minutes. Pour the water from the pot (not the cabbage just the water) into a cup of your urine. What is the color? If you get Pink/Red is boy and Blue/Purple is a girl! 

Yes, I did this too... It was a dark blue/purple. GIRL!

#13 Dreams

Are you pregnant and have dreamt you are having a girl or a boy? Well guess what? It will be the opposite of what gender was in your dreams!

I have had three dreams, 1 with it being a boy and 2 with it being a girl. Guess I will choose the most common, which was girl dreams. BOY for me!

#14 Headaches
Getting headaches? That means a boy for you! No headaches? That means girl!

I had a time period where I was getting a lot of headaches. BOY for me!

#15 Morning Sickness

Feeling ill? The more sick you are the more likely you are having a girl!

I am much more nauseous with this pregnancy than with my two sons. I think it is my sense of smell that gets me sick! GIRL!

Now let's tally up my results!

I had 10 Girl results and 5 Boy results from the above list.

 Looks like I have a 67% chance of having a GIRL and a 33% of having a Boy!

We will see this upcoming Monday :)

I would love to hear from y'all about how accurate these were for you. If you are pregnant let me know your percentage! If you already have a child see how accurate these tales were for you! Write me some comments with your results!

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  1. I bet that their is a 50% chance its a GIRL and 50% chance its a BOY; however, without a doubt it will be 100% TRAMMELL!