Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pins Of The Week

As most of you know I am a huge Pintrest fanatic! I have gotten some of my favorite craft projects, ideas for trendy new outfits, and home decor ideas from this site. I thought this was a perfect quick post to share my favorite pins I have seen from the site this week. Enjoy!

Vintage Style Outfit with Flower Necklace

I absolutely love everything about this outfit! It looks vintage yet modern all in one. I truly believe if you wore this top with a pair of jeans or these shorts with a white tee, you would not get the same classic effect. This polkadot pants are slightly high rise giving you the perfect opportunity to tuck in this shirt. If I came across this necklace while shopping I may not give it a second look. This is why I like this website so much! It gives you such great ideas to be trendy! I may do a post on this outfit soon and research where you can purchase these items :)

Gender Reveal Cake

This is the cutest gender reveal cake I have laid my eyes on. I hope my sister who does brilliant cakes gets to attempt this one! Love the creativeness with the tutu and bow tie. My husband and I will be doing something creative to reveal baby #3 with our sons, but it won't be a cake :) Maybe someone else can try this!

Laundry Island Organizer

Since my family is going to hopefully begin to start building our new home, I am constantly looking for great house ideas. If I were fortunate to have a large enough laundry room for this island it would be on my list of things to include. It not only gives you more space to fold cloths but also allows you to hide your laundry baskets that usually end up on the floor or the counter. If you click on this pin it brings you to the Southern Living website where they give many more ideas to utilize your laundry room!

If I have a Daughter... 

Not only will I put this in my daughter's room if baby #3 happens to be a girl but I will have it in my room too. What a wonderful reminder of what beauty truly is. Our society has skewed the meaning of beauty into a materialist contest. The bible provides us with the truth. It is  that simple.

Wait... is this a bookshelf?

Yep, this is a bookshelf...two actually. They are laid on their sides to make bench seats but also to store toys!! Amazing isn't it? Unlike a chest where you only have a place for your kiddos toys, this allows for different compartments for your kids to organize! (We can hope, right?) Love the fabric on the bench seat too!!! 

That is all I have to share tonight! Maybe I gave you all some ideas too! Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Yeah Jackie will so be making that cake for our baby #2 when that comes around ;)