Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Football Season Is In The Air...

If anyone knows me just a little, they know I am a huge Auburn Fan! I not only attended there and earned my undergraduate degree, but it is sincerely where I learned to "grow up". College is a place where I believe you learn a little about life and a lot about yourself. At Auburn I met some of my dearest friends, learned that love doesn't last forever if it isn't honest and true, and I figured out pretty quickly how to avoid being naive. There is a certain feeling you get driving up onto campus where you feel like you are falling in love for the first time. Maybe it is because Auburn will always hold a little piece of my heart.

Football season is around the corner and I am determined to go to a game...Mississippi State and Auburn to be exact. My husband has NEVER been to Auburn much less an Auburn game! I can believe my shock as well! He graduated from MSU and thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

These are some traditions and experiences that make Auburn so special. I can't wait to share these with my Husband when we visit. Maybe he'll appreciate my love for Auburn after we go :)

#1. Jordan Hare Stadium
There is nothing like the roar 80,000 plus tiger fans in one place. The stands are flooded with Orange and Blue, and shakers are flapping in the air. It is an atmosphere that you won't fully understand until you experience it!

#2 Toomer's Corner
I decided to include a picture from when our tree was at its prime.  Basically, after each sports victory fans will travel straight to Toomer's Corner and roll our huge tree with toilet paper. It is such an amazing site to see! Unfortunately, it no longer stands due to a person poisoning the tree. One of the saddest moments in history for the Auburn Tigers. I have friends who have gotten engaged by this historic tree, rolled the tree myself after dozens of Auburn wins, and had hoped to one day bring my kids to do the same. Where tradition stands, I truly believe we will do this again one day.

#3 Tailgating
Walking the Auburn Campus on game day is such a breathtaking experience. There are tents upon tents lined up on campus of fans cooking, playing frisbee, walking their dogs, and visiting with friends. It is like one big family reunion at every game. 

#4 Tiger the Eagle
Before every game, Auburn's mascot, "Tiger" the Eagle, will sour around the stands of the stadium. The fans will shout "War Eagle" until he gently returns to his perch on his trainer's arm. It is a tradition that fans look forward to before the start of every football game. It is amazing!

#5 Tiger Walk
Before fans begin to wander toward the stadium on Game Day, Aubie (the other mascot...yes we have two mascots) and the football team parade through town meeting and greeting fans. The kids especially love this and look up to those athletes like they have seen a star. I can not wait for my children to experience this!

I know I only included 5 must see things when attending a football game at auburn but there is much much more! Auburn is a place full of uplifting spirit, love, and generousity. Take it from me...if you have not visited Auburn you need to! You won't regret it!

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